The production of tea whisks began about 500 years ago in Takayama, a village rich in bamboo, at the request of Juko Murata, the founder of Wabicha (tea ceremony). Even today, most of the tea whisks produced in Japan are still made by hand in Takayama, using the same traditional methods. The history of Takayama manufacturing has evolved over time from tea whisks to include other tea utensils such as tea scoops and ladles, and even knitting needles. In this tour, you will experience the traditions and techniques of tea ceremony utensil making and learn about the history of bamboo-based “craftsmanship” that has taken root in the Takayama area.


Tea ceremony utensil making and tea ceremony experience - uncover the charms of Takayama, the birthplace of the tea whisk



LocationNara, Takayama
Days availableIrregular days off
Duration6 hours
Participants2 to 6 people
Guide languagesEnglish, Japanese
Meeting pointAt the ticket gates of the Kintetsu Gakken-Kita-Ikoma Station
Finishing pointAt the ticket gates of the Kintetsu Gakken-Kita-Ikoma Station
  • Explore the history of craftsmanship of Takayama at the Bamboo Garden through your tea ceremony enthusiast guide
  • Experience a tea ceremony at the house of one of the 18 tea whisk masters in Japan
  • Taste the simplified Kaiseki course “Tenshin” boxed lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of a casual tea ceremony
  • Make a tea whisk and tea scoop under the guidance of the 20th "Tango Tanimura" tea whisk master
  • Learn how to use a tea whisk and scoop in a matcha whisking lesson

Most of the tea whisks essential for the traditional Japanese art of tea ceremony are produced in a remote village in Nara called Takayama.
This tour takes you on a journey to unravel the hidden charm of Takayama tea whisks and the traditional manufacturing methods passed down from generation to generation. Craftsmanship is heavily focused on bamboo in Takayama, not limited to tea whisks but also including various other bamboo products such as tea ceremony utensils and knitting needles.

As you arrive at the Takayama Bamboo Garden, you will be greeted by lush bamboo trees.
The tour will take you on a road of discovery focused on the bamboo deeply rooted in Japanese culture, as well as the history of Takayama's craftsmanship with the tea whisk at its forefront.
While enjoying the peaceful scenery, you will visit the home and workshop of Tango Tanimura, the head of a family of tea whisk makers who have passed down their secret methods of making tea whisk from generation to generation for the past 500 years.
After a special tea ceremony experience at the tea whisk maker's house, you will also get to enjoy a delicious boxed lunch. While surrounded by beautiful tea whisks at the craftsman’s house, you will get to try your hand at making your own original tea whisks and tea scoops under the guidance of the master himself. Finally/Lastly, learn how to whisk matcha from the guide so you can enjoy making it with your very own tea utensils in the comfort of your own home.

<Tour contents>
・Uncover the many charms of Takayama like the bamboo and tea whisks with your expert guide
・Experience the tea ceremony at the Tanimura Family, one of the 13 tea whisk makers from the Edo period
・Enjoy a delicious lunch box using seasonal ingredients
・The 20th “Tango Tanimura”, the head of the Tanimura family and one of only 18 tea whisk makers in Takayama, will teach you how to make tea whisks and tea scoops at his house
・Learn how to make matcha tea with your own tea whisk and scoop


Tea ceremony utensil making and tea ceremony experience

・Uncover the history of craftsmanship of Takayama through your expert guide and tea enthusiast
・Experience the tea ceremony at the house of one of 18 remaining tea whisk craftsmen of Japan
・Enjoy delicious dim sum using seasonal ingredients
・Learn how to make tea whisks and tea scoops from a true master, Tango Tanimura
・Learn how to properly use the utensils so you can enjoy matcha green tea at your won home

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〒630-0131 Nara Prefecture, Ikoma City, Kamimachi, Gakken-Kita-Ikoma Station, ticket gates


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