"Regional value",
the quintessential charm of Japan

We always wondered, what is something that is truly valuable in Japan.

What is it that we want to share with people of all ages from all around the world?

We pondered that quite a lot and the answer we arrived at was quite diverse, including but not limited to culture, history, nature, cuisine, architecture, knowledge and of course, people.

However, even though all of the above may be valuable on their own, some of the elements might be difficult to offer on their own.

So we thought that by combining those elements, we may be able to create something unique with unprecedented value.

Japan faces multiple socio-economic challenges that impact all regions, from shrinking and aging population, low birth rates to depopulation of regions due to population migrating to bigger cities. The "good old" and nostalgic is replaced in the wake of ongoing modernization.

And yet amid all those challenges there are truly unique gems hidden in the regions - perhaps insufficient on their own, but of great value when carefully combined and refined.

When connected together, they transform the regions into true treasure troves just waiting to be uncovered.

The resulting revitalization of the respective regions might even be the path that would lead to solving many of the social and economical issues that plague Japan as well.

That is when we realized that it is those regions that are the true essence of Japan that we must strive to preserve.

And that is exactly what we aim to deliver to you - the truly valuable elements of Japan that the respective regions represent.

FEATURES What makes DeepExperience X special

Special experiences unique to the respective regions

We dig up the regional treasures slumbering deep under the surface of respective regions in the form of culture, history, tradition, nature, cuisine, people and more, then refine them and deliver them to you as unique and rare experiences.

Experience the beauty unique to the respective regions through our original guided tours

Simply visiting a region is not enough to experience its charms fully. Our original guided tours let you enjoy the regions to their fullest, through history, culture, local customs and direct contact with the warm and friendly locals.

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